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Arabian Nights

Sponsorship donation request for

2001 Arabian Nights

One Man’s Sojourn in Saudi Arabia

2001 Arabian Nights - Final Draft - 160829.pdf

    I am seeking sponsorship to help publish the story of my 5 years living and working in Saudi-Arabia. The book is ready for publication and is 60,000 words long and runs to about 90 A4 pages.

If you would like to read the book it is available as a free PDF download, all you need to do is click on the compass icon above. However  I am hoping to get the book published and I am asking for donations to help me make this happen. Everyone who is kind enough to sponsor the book will be  be listed as one of the sponsors when the book is published should you so wish to be acknowledged.

        Apart from sharing the tales of my very special journey through the last 5 years, one of the main reasons for writing the book is to try to dispel some of the ignorance and myths that surround life in Saudi-Arabia, the Arab peoples and the Islamic faith. So in buying this book and sharing my tales with your friends and family you will be helping to fight the prejudice and ignorance that surrounds the understanding of this region (and putting a proverbial ‘two fingers’ up to Donald Trump and other narrow minded bigots who think like him!).

    Below is an outline of the contents of the book:


Chapter 1 – 20 Pence Between Us –

A chapter that explains how I ended up working in Saudi Arabia in the first                 place.

Chapter 2 – FAL et al –

A chapter that describes the 5 places I have lived in Riyadh.

Chapter 3 –  Simple Acts of Kindness –  

15 stories of kindness and generosity I have experienced in Saudi Arabia.

Chapter 4 – Desert, Dates & Damam –

Longer and more detailed descriptions of 3 adventures I have had in KSA.

Chapter 5 – Miscellaneous Tales  -

2 dozen short tales that help to create a picture of my time in Riyadh,

Chapter 6 – They Call Me Mr Tim –

The start of my time at Kingdom Schools

Chapter 7 – The Madness of King Dom –

A chapter that shows me trying to make sense of the madness of working for              KS.

Chapter 8 – The Alice Tales –

Allegorical tales of KS mismanagement.

Chapter 9 – The Fallen –

An ‘omagé to the men who I have worked with but who left before their time.

Chapter 10–The Black Jack Cometh -

The tragedy of the last 6 months at KS and why I chose to leave.



     So, if you are interested in generously wanting to help see this book published, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/295aqr34 . If Go Fund Me cannot take a donation from your country and you would still like to make a contribution, please e-mail me at admin@timedunne.org.

     Thank You!

Click to download a copy of 2001 Arabian nights.