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Report Comment

Grade 9 are following a course of studies according to the specification in the Cambridge iGCSE English Language and English Literature Syllabi which are terminal exam courses. This means that only two of the formal coursework assignments students submit count towards the 25% coursework component for English Literature and the Speaking & Listening tests count as the 30% coursework component for English Language. All other classwork is formative and unreported. The terminal exam is 70% or 75% of the final grade and is therefore the most important component of the course. The grade thresholds for both syllabi are very different and in themselves can vary slightly from year to year. For the purposes of reporting assessment for this semester, the June 2016 grade thresholds have been used.

For English Language, the coursework components are a listening and speaking test, both of which have been taken by Grade 9 students. These tests are weighted at 15% each, the exam is 70% of the final grade. For English Literature 25% of the mark is for their novel coursework assignment and 75% is for their exam. The resulting GCSE A*-C grades have then been converted to the school’s 1-7 scale with an A* equalling 7 and so on down to a Grade F/G which equals 1.

Unfortunately, iGCSE weighting is almost the exact opposite to the system employed in school which has an 80% coursework/20% exam split. Also the school reporting system does not recognise that Grade 9 students are studying two different iGCSE courses so on the report form ‘No Grade’ (N/G) has been recorded. Student attainment for both courses is reported in the body of the report.